Moth archaeological excavations at the Higher Institute of the civilizations of the ancient Near East Mission excavations Institute:

Since the mid-1978, The University of Zagazig undertook an ambitious project to detect the effects aims to protect and preserve what remains of the city of "Barbast" old and disclosure of the region's history by making excavations scientific organization to complete the information on the history of the city saved from the danger of population growth and urbanization in the Delta region.
Mission has been formed since the activity of the Archaeological Division of Ancient History at the Faculty of Arts Zagazig University, and after the establishment of the Higher Institute of civilizations and transmission allocated to the Egyptian Antiquities, the University Council issued its resolution No. 163 of 21/9/1988 transfer dependency project to detect effects to the Institute and Museum of the Most High of civilizations. And moved faculty members and their assistants, and the museum for archaeological activity of the Institute, and has become the mission work through the Institute.
The Mission found many archaeological discoveries important, where they made Hvaúrha in many aspects of the ruins of the old city, so she raised dust, which reached a height of 7 meters sometimes over the remains of the temples of Tell Basta, and revealed the cemetery of the Old and the cemetery of the Middle Kingdom and the modern state. Also completed the detection limit of the Middle Kingdom. The mission revealed the so-called "Altbh" and the mission was able to detect important pages in the history of this city through the effects of the task, which was discovered during this period and included by the University Museum of Archaeology is located a museum specialist in the history of this city.
The mission excavations University conducted archaeological excavations in the area of ​​the effects of KFOR star to detect the effects of pre-dynastic and early dynastic period since 1948, which was considered the first excavations scientific organization in this site, where they found a large number of graves and remains of architecture.

Talbasta (Brbaset)


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